More or less – we’ve got plenty!

Sermon Quote from Ascension Day:
(roughly translated from Malagasy)

“…As human beings, we need to be careful about things around us. Like, for example, buildings. Our churches can take over our focus so that instead of following God’s will we focus only on money; we need money for a roof, an addition, new WCs… the needs of a building are endless and they can become all-consuming. When we don’t feel like we have enough money, we can become preoccupied by our fears and lose our sense of what God is doing for us. This is also true when we have too much money. When we have too much money or too much time, excess causes complacency. A mosquito, for example, bites and gets it’s fill of blood. Then it doesn’t move. It gets so full that it doesn’t even fly away, it just sits there; complacent.

As Christians we are called to be aware of our human failings- both in times where we lack resources and in times of plenty. God calls all of us to action, to live exemplary lives that invite others to the Gospel no matter what our current situation…”

Lotera Fabien, Dean of SALT, Fianarantsoa


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