Clean Water

Friends and family have asked me “what do you miss from home” and one thing is safe tap water for drinking.  Water has not been a problem, as I have consistent access to clean water, but it is different from home.

Many experiences while living and serving here in Fianarantsoa are new and different.  As such, I have found that a “new normal” develops!

For example,  I need to filter or boil my drinking water.  It is not a hardship, but at the outset of life here it took more conscious and intentional effort than it does now.

Here’s my water filter:

“Bush proof” bucket water filter


Water in top of bucket system; yet to be filtered through porcelain filter


Water from lower bucket is filtered and comes out of tap ready to drink


Water in bucket before being filtered compared to filtered drinking water in glass

As the water stops running in Fianarantsoa every now and then, it is important to keep my bucket topped up and have extra filtered water on hand in bottles.  Thankfully my friends here have helped me to know about these important details for living here so that I am prepared!

It is such a blessing to be surrounded by and cared for my so many wonderful people and families!


2 thoughts on “Clean Water

  1. This is a great, Jane. Thanks for sharing this with the rest of the world. Our water is nasty like yours, too, before filtering. Thanks BushProof for clean water!

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