Fianarantsoa, Madagascar

Perhaps strange to some, but until today I did not know where I would be going in Madagascar.  This morning I was gifted with that exciting announcement!:

The name of the city where I will be living for the coming year is Fianarantsoa, Madagascar!

City of Fianarantsoa

“Fianarantsoa” means “place of good learning.”  Fianarantsoa (“Fianar” for short) was founded in 1830 and is the 4th largest city in the country of Madagascar.

In Fianar I will be working at the seminary tutoring English, teaching classes (as necessary), and working in a “womens’ empowerment centre” for the year!  My work will take shape once I arrive based on the needs.

I am looking forward to meeting all the people in the seminary community!  It sounds like the seminary is a family-oriented community with children in a kindergarten on the seminary grounds while parents take classes and participate in community life.

There is so much to learn and be excited about in the coming weeks!!!



One thought on “Fianarantsoa, Madagascar

  1. Say hello to Renee, the night watchman at the seminary, and his family for me! The best memories of my time in Madagascar are in Finar. Enjoy yourself!

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